Cats and their daily moods

by - 1/23/2009

A passage from "Novel Notes" by Jerome K. Jerome that goes perfectly with the photo-collage below (I just couldn't resist not taking pictures of those little fluffy balls last summer at my parents home). The book itself is full of funny, happy, satiric, absurd, horror, philosophical stories that four friends shared with themselves in desire to write a novel. I have just read its last pages after almost a year since I have it (it was a gift from a good friend). I am quite bad at reading books. Sometimes I don't even finish them (in a honorable time) and often I can start several books at the same time, but I end up in mixing their stories and this is not good :). So this is what I want to share with you:

"- Cats, remarked Jephson to me, one afternoon, as we sat in the punt discussing the plot of our novel, cats are animals for whom I entertain a very great respect. Cats and Nonconformists seem to me the only things in this world possessed of a practicable working conscience. Watch a cat doing something mean and wrong - if ever one gives you the chance; notice how anxious she is that nobody should see her doing it; and how prompt, if detected, to pretend that she was not doing it - that she was not even thinking of doing it - that, as a matter of fact, she was just about to do something else, quite different. You might almost think they had a soul."

Chapter VI is all about cats and their funny stories. You can read or download the entire book here. Enjoy!

Happy reading weekend!

And an encouraging hint for myself (and for you, but once in a while jump in my bubble too :)).

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  1. What a lovely post, Vica. It must have been a blast photographing those kittens, too. I love the light.