A snowy day with fairy tales

by - 12/03/2008

Maybe this post is too feminine for some of you, but I just can not hide this beautiful and delicate art work that I admire very much.

I don't know how much attention you pay to post cards, or cards in general, but I often spend a lot of time in the cards department of a stationery shop, especially when I discover some interesting cards. That happened a while ago, when I saw some beautiful, delicate little cards with fairies. They where sitting so quiet and in the same time so playful... each of them taking care of some objects, dreams, thoughts, seasons, flowers, ages... I find them tender and graceful, little creatures that being so small can find a place everywhere to snug themselves comfortably, in our homes, our minds, our dreams, our pockets, our shoes, by the windows, in the trees and especialy they love very much to sleep on a petal or under a stamen.

Then I was very curious who made those beautiful paintings, and I have found that the artist behind them is Gaëlle Boissonnard, a french artist. I wanted to find more about her and did a little research on Internet, but I was very surprised to discover that she doesn't have a website, a blog or another source where we can read more about her and her work. Maybe she is just as her little creatures, quiet and kind of invisible. Although, I have discovered a small biography (in french) at the Jarjille, a young publishing house in Saint-Etiene, from where I have found that she was born in 1969 and after studying fine arts at the University of Saint-Etiene, she is devoted to paintings and ceramics. Since 2001 she collaborates with Editions Correspondence, editing her paintings in different forms: postcards, calendars, boxes, bags and other objects. Also she has published her first book entitled "Passerelles".

Here are some sources where you can admire and order some of her works or read an interview with her. Sorry, they are in German or French, but I am sure that if you are interested you will find a way to understand.

(collage by victoria molovata with images from geschenke.die-begeistern.de)

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2 commentarii

  1. What a beautiful discovery, Vica. The collage you built of some of the works is really cool. Love the title of this post, too!

  2. Thanks Katie, and welcome back :) Yeap, it was snowing all day long today but in the end we got no snow :|