Going out in Berlin... to a sewing cafe

by - 12/04/2008

Yes, you read it right. Going out to a sewing cafe in Berlin. Isn't that cool? You take your stack of fabrics, your desire to create something that no one has in the city, or your need to learn something new and to get some help in this world of sewing. Jump on your bike, as I did today, and ride towards Kreuzberg, until you will get on the Wrangelstrasse 80, and just turn you head to the left and you will discover this glass vitrine of a small atelier, as I like to call it. Actually it is a cafe, very similar to an Internet cafe, but instead of computers you will find there sewing machines.

The name of this special place is Linkle, and it even has a website, linkle. It was founded by Linda Eilers, a young lady from The Netherlands. There, she was teaching sewing classes, before moving to Berlin, a city known by its diverse cultural scene and the numerous artists and crafters. The Linkle cafe is opened from Tuesday to Saturday, from 1 to 8(10) pm and sometimes on Sundays too.

So, here is my short visual visit to Linda's cafe:

A wide opened vitrine, like a theater stage where the actors are young ladies who are playing with fabrics.

Some images of the welcoming atmosphere from this atelier.

And Linda, sewing a cute pinafore for a friend.

Clara, one of Linda's apprentices, tailoring a suit for an upcoming party. I was very surprised to hear from her that she also attended the decor8 & DaWanda workshop in September. She told me what I have missed there, the Siebdruck, a printing technique, and also told me about the Siebdruck Neukölln, a place where she had printed a very nice scarf.

Linda, helping Clara with some tips and tricks in her tailoring.

I really enjoyed going there and I hope I will go again, not just as a visitor. The atmosphere was very calm, with some radio music in the background; everyone was working on their project, not being disturbed by my unexpected appearance or by my flashy-blitzy camera...

(images by victoria molovata)

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