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by - 12/05/2008

Why? A simple answer would be: 'Why not?' and a more complex one is 'Because it is fun, you support the handmade communities in your country or in the world, you support the small businesses which need some encouragement to flourish and because you always find nice unique things made with a lot of passion and soul'.

I have decided to write about this, as a contribution to Holly's (decor8) today's post, although I have been having this idea on my mind for a long time. I am still learning about these wonderful communities and maybe someday I will be part of one of them.

First one that I want to mention is (in a alphabetical order :P, to not upset anyone) Breslo, the Romanian Community of the Handmade Crafters. I was very happy to find that this kind of community exists in Romania (and it has also an online marketplace), not only because Romania is half of my homeland, but also because there are a lot of creative people who make beautiful pieces of art.

Check out also the Breslo blog!

Next on my list is DaWanda. I met a part of the DaWanda team and some of the members of the DaWanda community at the decor8 & DaWanda workshop in September. A group of young people who decided to start this amazing work in Europe. Right now they have only three branches: the main one is in Germany, and the other two are in France and The United Kingdom. I have found out earlier from Holly's interview with DaWanda (take a look, it is very interesting), that they are going to spread it out :)

Check out also the DaWanda blog!

And a more known one is Etsy, originating from USA. I have found about Etsy and its big community through some blogs, where I have discovered a lot of nice art work, from clothing and accessories to photography and fine art and lots more.

Check out also the Etsy blog!

Another interesting place where you can buy handmade, and not only, is the recently launched Ebay's World of Good. Their pledge: " by eBay is the world’s first online marketplace to convene thousands of People Positive and Eco Positive sellers and products all in one place, empowering you to shop in ways that align with your personal values. Respected, independent organizations verify the positive impact every product has on people and the planet. Our goal is to ensure that every choice you make here is a good one".

Since I have a lot of space on the sidebar of my blog, I will fill it up with the badges of these marketplaces, and every time you are curious to find what is going on in the handmade world, feel free to click on them.

I didn't want this post to cover only the business side of the handmade scene, but also to encourage the handmade work in general: making something for you and for your family or friends. I believe that each of us is an artist in his/her own way, and everything you create will be always beautiful and will give you a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Enjoy handmade!

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