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by - 2/23/2009

I haven't told yet you about a beautiful blog that I've discovered a while ago, but now is the perfect moment for doing this, because it seems that in the heart of Provence the air was filled up with purple rays, colors of hydrangea.

The name is just as beautiful as the blog itself: A Heart in Provence. And if you prefer the original, French version here it is Un Coeur en Provence.

The lady behind is Laeriss and she says that her "heart belongs to Provence" where she was born, she is passionate about "decoration, antiques, nature, its colors and scents". "I’d like to bring you my accent and the colours of my region: Provence (South of France)."

And she surely does this by surprising in some gorgeous images the details of her beautiful country, her precious findings, her passions. Here is just a drop of them:

(images from A Heart in Provence; collage background image from Andrée Desrochers; collage by victoria molovata)

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