It's a bag - Purple Spring

by - 2/26/2009

As a result of my purple mood a little while ago and thanks to a nice request from a dear admirer, Dana from Bucharest, a new beautiful bag was born.

When I create a new bag I either follow my notebook sketches or I try to find inspirations instantly, with just a look around me :). For this bag two sources inspired me: the pleated skirts and the flowers of Ranunculus. When I was 'sculpturing' the shape of the bag, the bottom part looked very similar to a pleated skirt; the texture of the fabric, very close to velvet, if pleated, gives the bag a nice posture. The flower shape of Ranunculus flowers and how the petals bond themselves in a whirlpool movement, gave me the inspiration for the applications on the upper part, which I have embroidered by hand.

Because with every bag I make, I learn new techniques and discover new tips and tricks, this time I have made some improvements for the inner part, the lining, which is more accurately sewed and the pockets, which are more spacious and more resistant.

(bag images by victoria molovata)
(inspiration board sources: pricklypearbloom, jennbecluv, Kaboodle, The Craft Begins)

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