by - 11/07/2008

Until now, I was sharing with you my passion for photography at fotogravika, and also some thoughts about places, people, memories at blovika. It is time for something new!

For quite a long time, I wanted to have a space (web-space) where I can collect all my ideas about things that are related to happy-living-in-a-house. This will be my bubble were I will keep my ideas until I will have a real house to play with. These ideas can refer to decorations, hand-made stuff, food, music, ecology, nature, friends, and the list can continue within the same lines. I can recall having some of this passions since I was a kid. I remember with pleasure of those summer days when I was building my own houses from plants, dry boughs and flowers and I was a little upset when I was discovering the next day that they either faded or just disappeared being eaten by some animals. Yeap, this is the life at the country side :). The interest for decorating and room-arrangements I have developed also since I was little, when together with my mom we were moving everything in the house to create a fresh, new look. Sometimes I find myself doing little hand-made things or playing with fabrics. Ok, that was a short introduction about the other me.

You will ask yourselves, what the umbrellas, even more, flying umbrellas have to do with this?... A while ago, I was riding my bike through the rainy Berlin and I was looking at the various umbrellas people had, myself without one.. and suddenly this combination jumped out of my head and I have put it in a safe place until now. In the bubble.

Another question you could ask yourselves (some of you) may be: why English? And some reasons: it is an international language, so more people would understand me and it is more of a challenge for me. But maybe sometimes I will use my native language, Romanian.
Update: But you feel free to talk to me in any language you like; it will be my mission to understand you :)

So, come into my bubble and let's catch those flying umbrellas..

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  1. Vica, this is so beautiful! I'm very excited for you, and I cannot wait to see how your project grows and develops. I'm especially thankful that you have chosen to express your ideas in English. That is an especially challenging addition, I know - thank you. Love the flying image that entered my head as I read your ideas.