Stocking up for winter

by - 11/08/2008

That's right. The winter is just behind the door, so we have to be stocked up for those cold days and the snow that is going to fall. Oh, I think that is how I dream about winter, because I haven't seen that snow for a long time.. Anyway, we should stock up. Maybe your first thoughts are about food. But I was thinking of stocking up with some fabrics, because my old textiles are in Bucharest, but my sewing machine is here, in Berlin (yay!).

When it comes to fabrics and patterns, I am like a kid. Looking and wanting them all. Maybe not all of them. I love to touch the textiles and feel the softness of their texture and being amazed about how many different kinds they could have. My eyes are attracted by floral, geometrical, mosaic patterns with repeatable tiny shapes. The other day I was downtown and found some sales for some nice fabrics. I was looking for some color combinations (right now I am in the mood for pale plum, gray, purple..), because I am thinking of making some hand bags from them. I will see.

The same day, I found some interesting flower-plants. But instead of flowers there were some berries. Purple. So unreal. And I was thinking how the flowers, from which those berries came out, were looking? Unfortunately I don't know the name for that plant, but I am very sure that they look great in a flower composition.

(images by victoria molovata)

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2 commentarii

  1. So nice you started to share with us your wonderful discoveries and passions.I am looking forward to read more posts from you.

    From where can I get a plant like yours?:D

  2. I have so badly wanted to find a fabric market in Berlin! I want to ask Martin for a sewing machine for Christmas. So maybe we can find a market and go together one day..