First 'Flying Umbrellas' Bag

by - 11/17/2008

Another Sunday, another project for me. Oook, this time it was a little bit earlier, because I have finished it last Friday, but we will still consider it a Sunday-project. Since I have said in a previous post about the fabrics that I have bought, I have decided to put some of them in practice - the first Flying Umbrellas bag (wow, I have a brand already :) ). And because a friend told me she wants to buy a hand-bag for her books, as she started her first German classes, I thought I would do a good deed for her and make her a hand-bag.

In some pictures I will try to describe the process (some details actually):

The fabric is cut in pieces (I have made the design on the paper), which are waiting to be stitched together. And yes, I use a piece of soap for making the signs on the fabric (and actually in my case went better than the special fabric chalk).

If I remember well, it was for the first time when I have tried the embroidery stitches of my sewing machine. And it was quite fun too :) I am so impressed of my little "brother" (yep, I have a 'brother' sewing machine).

Every time on a sewing project I am impressed how simple pieces of fabric are getting into some shapes.. It is like puzzling.. So, this is the first idea of how the bag is going to look.

I have played a little bit with this 1.5 x 2 cm label (a tentative brand logo).. Don't you see? C'mon.. It is an umbrella! A flying umbrella, of course :) Ok, I will try a better one next time.

And, voila! The final product :)

Good night for now, and meet you for the next Flying Umbrellas project!

(images by victoria molovata)

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4 commentarii

  1. That little umbrella tag looks too cute! I really like how the embroidered design turned out, and I will have to remember the idea of using soap instead of those silly little pencils. The bag looks really great.

  2. Foarte dragut blog-ul! Il citesc destul de des :) De geanta ce sa mai spun...

    Colegul tau de liceu... :)

  3. Thank you Katie! Yeap, the soap really works well.

    Multumesc Dan! E o surpriza sa te vad pe aici (un blog pe care l-am crezut mai de fete, asa..) ... ma bucur ca iti place :)

  4. tare buna ideea cu sapunul pe post de creta de croitorie!