Santa is busy ... two new bags

by - 12/17/2008

I have finished these two beauties last week and haven't posted about them, because I was busy with other things and another excuse is that I was waiting for the sun to shine, as daylight is the most perfect for my meticulousness in taking pictures :) But as in Murphy's rules, I think I could have waited until spring for sunshine, so I have decided today to try making some pics of the last two bags I made.

The first one, classic with a vintage drop, is more solid and could be perfect for this foggy weather outside. I have added a bit of 'volume' to it, comparing to previous ones, which were kind of flat. Also I have played a little bit with two pockets inside and tried to make it safer, by adding a zipper.

The second one, a summer bag, is lighter and more playful. I really like the pattern and the way the upper margins curl up on the handles.

Now back to work, Santa is busy with other sewing projects :)

(images by victoria molovata)

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6 commentarii

  1. Adorable bags,gotta love them!! You have great taste!

  2. What a nice surprise Denisa! Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad that you are enjoying my passion for sewing :)

  3. So cool, Santa is full of brilliant ideas. I love the way you put the stars over the pictures. good the Christmas is near.