It's a bag - Purple Spring

26 feb. 2009

As a result of my purple mood a little while ago and thanks to a nice request from a dear admirer, Dana from Bucharest, a new beautiful bag was born.

When I create a new bag I either follow my notebook sketches or I try to find inspirations instantly, with just a look around me :). For this bag two sources inspired me: the pleated skirts and the flowers of Ranunculus. When I was 'sculpturing' the shape of the bag, the bottom part looked very similar to a pleated skirt; the texture of the fabric, very close to velvet, if pleated, gives the bag a nice posture. The flower shape of Ranunculus flowers and how the petals bond themselves in a whirlpool movement, gave me the inspiration for the applications on the upper part, which I have embroidered by hand.

Because with every bag I make, I learn new techniques and discover new tips and tricks, this time I have made some improvements for the inner part, the lining, which is more accurately sewed and the pockets, which are more spacious and more resistant.

(bag images by victoria molovata)
(inspiration board sources: pricklypearbloom, jennbecluv, Kaboodle, The Craft Begins)

Antique Inspirations - A Heart in Provence Blog

23 feb. 2009

I haven't told yet you about a beautiful blog that I've discovered a while ago, but now is the perfect moment for doing this, because it seems that in the heart of Provence the air was filled up with purple rays, colors of hydrangea.

The name is just as beautiful as the blog itself: A Heart in Provence. And if you prefer the original, French version here it is Un Coeur en Provence.

The lady behind is Laeriss and she says that her "heart belongs to Provence" where she was born, she is passionate about "decoration, antiques, nature, its colors and scents". "I’d like to bring you my accent and the colours of my region: Provence (South of France)."

And she surely does this by surprising in some gorgeous images the details of her beautiful country, her precious findings, her passions. Here is just a drop of them:

(images from A Heart in Provence; collage background image from Andrée Desrochers; collage by victoria molovata)

Lunch Time

22 feb. 2009

No more snow here. Today is raining. What a perfect weather for a lazy Sunday, don't you think? I have moved my desk by the window and I see how the tiny rain drops are loosing themselves in the air, some of them hit the window and trickle down to the Earth. It seems that time has stopped, everything is hibernating. The sky is covered with thick layers of clouds. An impression of inertness. Only the trains, that are passing by, break this quiet scene that I see right now.

So, not quite in the mood for preparing a sophisticated lunch meal for today. Just a quick recipe made up in a few minutes. You need some already cooked rice, canned corn, canned tuna, sliced pickles, salt and pepper to taste. Voila! Quick and easy and hopefully tasty.

I like to have a cup of kefir along with my lunch meals, so it's up to you to try this combination.

Bon appetit!

(images by victoria molovata)

Seeing Purple

21 feb. 2009

It is snowing in Berlin and a white-gray, plain mood is outside, but my eyes are seeing a purple color. Actually a mixture of an early morning sunrise, lilac flowers and ripe plums.

Maybe this could sound a little bit like a "color obsession", but for my next bag project I am going to use the same color combination as I have used for my other bags. I recently added other two similar colors to my fabric stack, so this is going to be a looong adventure. You are welcome to come along :)

After a while, a pause from sewing, my fingers are happy again playing with the fabrics and threads. Maybe because they know that in few weeks the Spring is going to settle for a while on this side of the Earth.

The pattern is already sketched in my notebook, the sewing machine is switched on, my muses are somewhere flying around me and, of course, the music is draining off the speakers.
Here is what I am listening right now:
Let it snow and The Minnow and the Trout by A Fine Frenzy
Just so and Riverside by Obél
Low-tech lady and Happiness is a long discipline by Ana Laan

Wish you a good weekend!

(images by victoria molovata)