Another project, another bag

by - 11/28/2008

As I promised, here is my newest 'Flying Umbrellas' bag, which I like very much how it came out. It took me a little bit longer than the last (first) one, because there are some more complicated details. The other day I was solving some real math and geometry problems on my notebook :).

This time I won't give many explanations of the process, because it should be quite obvious from the images below. Just a few notes...

The buttons I have found at the flea market in Mauerpark, last Sunday, after an intense negotiation with the seller in my "excellent" German :). After I happily picked up 10 stücke, I already knew how the bag will look like.
And of course you can see the second try of the Flying Umbrellas logo.

This time I have upgraded the bag with a new feature (oh, sorry that I am talking in these high-tech terms, but I am 5 years trained as a CS engineer ;) ) and that is the interior fabric (actually 'lining' is the English term). I was looking for something more flowered, but I only found this white cotton fabric with an abstract pattern in blue and black; it goes very nice with the blue color of the bag.

This is more a summer bag, because it is made from thin fabrics. I love to wear fabric bags. They are more personalized, chique and not so heavy as those made from leather or artificial leather. What about you? What bags/purses do you prefer? What materials are they made of?

Also, just like the previous one, this bag will go to somebody else. I will see who will be interested in it :)

(images by victoria molovata)

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4 commentarii

  1. hello vicky, nice and also interesting to see how you combine math and geometry problems with your passion for photography. :)

  2. hi anonymous :) thank you that you are enjoying my hobbies, both photography and handcrafting :)

  3. eee florin, asa mai merge :) merci