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by - 1/05/2009

Happy New Year! Enjoy everything beautiful, everything happy, everything playful, everything lovely, look deeply into all simple moments in your life, live them and hopefully this will bring the joy and happiness that we need so much, so many times.

I was 'disconnected' from the Internet for about two weeks, while in vacation back home. Two weeks full of happy moments: spending the holidays with family and old friends, wrapping and unwrapping presents, enjoying the quietness of the winter holidays.
But I still have a promise for you, about which I have told you, my last sewing projects, so this post and the next one will be about them.

The last bag I made was a Christmas gift for a good friend. I have discovered that I made a lot of progress in sewing bags; if I look back, the first one was very simple, the second a little more complicated, and so on. Now, at no. 5 I can declare that I really did a good job (oh, how modest I am...). Just take a look:

I was asked to make a bag, which has to have some space inside, a normal, smaller size and to have an adjustable handle. I have designed myself the pattern on the paper, then I took the scissors and started to cut into fabrics. As you see, I used the same two fabrics which I have used for another bag. I think the combination goes well. I made a pocket on the back of the bag (not shown in the image) and another one inside. The main details that I was very enthusiastic about were the adjustable handle and the front flower. For the handle, I have used the metal clips from an old belt, found at a second-hand shop. As for the flower, it is exclusively manually made. Before attaching the flower, the bag looked too plain, too unfinished, but after, it gives a drop of chic, a special great-looking.

(images by victoria molovata)

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3 commentarii

  1. I love this bag with the flower - you should call it "Bag n°5" or "Flower Bag n°5". As Coco Chanel did with the parfume. Simple as a bubble :)

  2. There you are again! Hi! Glad that you like the bag. Hm... interesting name choices, but I will keep the french one (my obsession :)).

  3. How about "Fleurs et Chique n°5"?
    It is the fifth bag after all...

    PS: the number is not an obsession