Cravings for sewing

by - 7/30/2009

Huh, long time no see... It seems that my muses took a long deserved vacation and I didn't post anything for a while. It was a though-crazy period of time, with some changes in my life (I'm going to share some of them in another post). But I feel like posting and sharing again (so many ideas and projects are in my head and I must put them here, in order to make some space for others ;) ).

Just bought my copy of the August issue of Burda magazine and my hands are excited to start sewing, but I have to wait a little bit as there is another project to be finished: the house remodeling. It takes a while... until then, I picked some delightful pieces:

The dress:

The blouse:

The vest:

The skirt:

The pants:

The coat:

(images from

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